Technical Services

when hosting with another vendor

If you’re already hosting with a different vendor, you may have noticed that support costs rise up quickly. Sooner or later you’ll have to pick up new skills such as using a CMS, managing your inventory electronically, performing software upgrades, the list goes on to keep costs down.

We can support you while hosting with a different vendor! Allow us to assist you and your employees, so you can focus on your day to day business, while we handle all the technical details and make your costs minimal.

Maintaining your site should be affordable, let us keep your cost down. Let us deal with it, its our purpose, its what we do.


If you’re hosting with another vendor, we offer a standard flat rate of $100/hr* or the following options:


  • Discounted rate for an amount of hours per month.
  • Additional hours at a different discounted rate.
  • Unused hours are not transferred to following month.
  • Contact us for quotes.


  • Discounted rate for a minimum of six months.
  • No time is lost between months.
  • Multiple packages available.
  • Contact us for quotes.
* Processing fee charged separately

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